Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Barrier

One Czech proverb says: "The more languages you know, the more persons you become". I've never been thinking about the depth of this proverb as much as I do recently. Languages gives you an opportunity to become someone else. Sometimes it's simply because your vocabulary is so poor that you can't look like the big philosoph even if you wanted to .. But also sometimes, some things are just easier to say in a language different from your mothertongue ...

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


A week until my last high school exam. Projects to finish: 5. Unfinished books: 1. Problematic high school finals questions: 4. Summer holiday plans: tens. Realistically planned ones: 0

I've been looking forward to this summer for months. Or maybe years. 3 months of complete freedom. I have tons of free time. Quite enough money. Almost no duties. But as the school year was coming to its end, I realized that freedom is actually quite difficult thing to handle. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Playful Yoga Inspiration

For me, yoga is not just about the ásanas. I always try to explore and create my own style of flow, making it soft and playful ... Playfulness is something that's often missing in yoga lessons while it's so important! Improvisation and and following to the needs of your own body should be a part of your everyday yoga practise.

OM Mantra & The Creation of the Universe

OM has been seen as one of the most sacred mantras for thousands of years. According to Eastern philosophy, the "aum" sound was present at the the creation of the universe - before that, there was just the infinite energy, the neverending pure conciousness. And this energy turned into the om vibration, which put everything into motion and created the world we're living at right now.

Monday, June 4, 2018

East, West Home Is Best (Or not?)

Some people enjoy staying at the same place their whole life. They have their little cozy house in a little town or village, they go to work five days a week and in their free time, they spend time with their family, they care about the garden or go for walk.

I've never enjoyed this type of life.

I can't stay at one place for one time, I enjoy traveling from one place to another much more and I don't plan to settle in nearest future.

The Paper World (Pre-graduation Moment of Philosophy)

Tomorrow I'll have my last week at high school. My last high school exam is in one month and instead of studying all the time, I'm sitting here, staring at the wall and the voice in my head keep asking:
"Is it worth it?"

Full Moon Ritual

In few days, there'll be the first Full Moon of this year. Full Moon ends the waxing moon phase and after this phase, we can expect a time for exhale and relaxation. So during the Full Moon, we should learn to let go what no longer serves us and instead we should learn to live mindfully in present moment.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Polenta Pancakes with Carob & Cashew Butter

Honestly .. I'm such an amateur in terms of pancakes, crepes or any other "fried flat things". My crepes always have weird consistency and most of the time, they end up in trash. So if you have your own experience with these kind of situations, you'll absolutely love this recipe! Totally fool-proof polenta pancakes with carob, maple syrup and cashew butter will take you just few minutes in the morning. 

Sorry, I don't have time

We say this sentence so often. Whever we don't want to do some work, we put it off and then we're not able to finish it at time. Whenever we're looking for an excuse for something. I just don't have time. Simple excuse for every situation.

Kreativní relaxace

How To Awaken Your Creativity

I'm super anti-talented at art. I can't play any musical instrument well. I used to play the reccorder as a kid, I can play the basic kid songs on the piano and play few guitar chords. I can't draw. I'd love to learn that but I have no idea how. I'll probably never learn to draw portraits or nature oil paintings. In terms of dance .. my moves are often pretty tragic. If I don't know the exact steps, I can't follow the rhytm most of the time ... However I love all of those activites so much.

I could tell myself "Give up. You're not good enough. Stop that." ... But I don't do that. I create. I draw, pain, do music, dance, sing and write. I do it my way. I create my own techniques. I don't need anyone to rate me, I don't need to compare my work with anyone else ... At that moment, it's just me and my little art.

Dreams Manifesting

New Moon is the beginning of the first phase of the Lunar cycle. The moon is waxing and everything in our life is growing. If we eat a lot, we can easily gain weight. If we start a new project, we may get more money and succese. The New Moon day brings us the opportunity to think about our goals and dream and make first few steps towards turning them into reality.