Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse

Lunar cycle. Some people don't feel any effects of it, the others are afraid of every Full moon because it always brings headaches and mood swings to them. Some people believe in it, some people don't.  ... No matter what is your attitude towards lunar cycle, Full moon may be a great symbolic closure of one chapter of our life and the beginning of a new, better one.

Since I was a kid I've always suffered from headaches or insomnia during the Full Moon (sometimes it even lasted for couple of days). During the Super-Full Moon in January, I wasn't able to do literally anything besides laying on my bed, starring at the ceiling and feeling intense waves of different emotions, changing every single minute.

The Full Moon on 28th July will be a special one - there will be the longest eclipse of this century happening. Which makes all the effect of a "normak" Full Moon even more intense.

Full Moon itself is a symbol of the end and a symbol of changes. The things which don't bring us anything positive, which only take away our energy ... should be left in the past. Hidden thoughts and, unclosed problems and forgotten feelings come to the surface during the Full Moon. Which may not be a pleasant feeling at all. That's why you should take it slow. Find a place and a time just for yourself. Relax, meditate and let your thoughts and emotions flow freely.

Symbols and rituals may help us a lot in the process of letting go. They give us the opportunity to not only think about the stuff we want to release but really feel it in our heart. Create your own Full Moon ritual and give in all the things which don't play any part in the story of your future.

The sign of this Full Moon is Aquarius - a zodiac sign whose main life priorities are independence, honesty, originality and freedom. That's why one of the main topics of this Full Moon time will be finding and exploring our true self. We all play many roles in our lifes. We're someone else in every each of them and sometimes .. the masks can confuse us. We might lose connection to our true self.

Which things do you do just because of others? To live up to other people expectations, to look "better" in the eyes of someone else? ... You may have even get into an illusion, that you're doing all of these things because of yourself. That they come from the inside. On the other hand .. which things bring you joy? The real one? Which activities make you forget about the time and the whole universe around you?

Who are you?

And who do you want to be?

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