Thursday, August 2, 2018

5 Places You Must Visit on Sardinia

No matter if you want to enjoy the beautiful relaxing italian atmosphere out of the main turistic spots, enjoy a nice walk in nature or take breath-taking photos for you instagram profile ... Sardinia is the right choice! :)

Capo Testa

Capo Testa is located on the North of Sardinia, in the Olbia-Tempio province. It's one of the most often visited tourist attraction on Sardinia and also one of the most beautiful places we've visited during our holiday. There are also small beaches under the rocks, where you can swim if you don't siting on some other person's head - due to their wonderful background and their small size, they're always super crowded.

One of the Capo Testa "beaches":

Costa Paradiso

Costa Paradiso was one of the most amazing places I've ever visited! There are couple of beaches along the rocks, including the most famous beach called Li Cossi - unfortunatelly the beach is pretty small and I'd say you can enjoy much more relax on different places around the island. Also, if you're traveling with your four-legged friend, be aware of the strict prohibition of dogs entering the beach.

Since we already spent enough time laying on the beach, we rather decided for a magical walk at sunset (such a cliché, right?) and if we weren't so bad at taking pictures, it would be absolutely perfect. 


The town of Iglesias was built in 13th century and a part of the urban structure still remains. The name "Iglesias" comes from Spanish and it literally means "church". You can find many churches all around the town - one of the most well known ones is called Santa Chiara cathedral and its history goes back to 8th century. We visited Iglesias on a day when there was some kind of religious celebration in front of one of the churches. There were decorations and "christmas" lights all around the church, flower petals on the ground and streets full of kiosks with sweets. There were also some performances in front of the church - from performances in traditional costumes to karaoke and awesome latino dance performance (check the video below)


Cagliari is the capital and the largest city of Sardinia. The city is full of colourful houses with tiny balconies decorated with flowers and narrow streets where people often sit on chairs in front of their house, drinking coffee and chatting with neighbours. Some of the streets carry the most beautiful italian atmosphere (which I fell in love with so much this summer) ... others would probably make me feel quite uncomfortable if I had to walk there at night due to the weirdos living there.
One of the attractions you can visit in Cagliari, is San Benedetto Mercato, where you can buy delicious food from local production - from fresh fruits, veggies and bakery, sweets of all kinds ... to things like seafood and horse meat (by the way this department was hopelessly sold out) Yuck.

Another interesting stop on your walk around Cagliari may be the Elephant tower - Torre dell'Elefante, which used to serve as prison for prisoners convicted to death. Except many churches, small stores, restaurants, cafés and clothes stores, you can also visit the long sandy beach here in Cagliari. 


Colourful and super photogenic town Bosa is located on the north-west of the island. In 15th century, Bosa was given the status of royal city and even nowadays, many historical monuments and the unforgettable asmotphere remains here.

Click here for beach tips!

Have you ever visited Sardinia? Which places did you like the most? 

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