Thursday, August 16, 2018

Maturity Exam

They say that graduation is the exam of maturity. In fact, in Czech Republic, the final high school exam is even called the Maturita. But the real exam actually begins after you leave the door of the classroom. When you pass the school part of the exam, you have nothing holdin you back and finally you have to deal with the real exam of maturity. I feel like the holiday after the last high school year are the exam itself. The time to examinate how well can we spend our time, if we're able to plan our own future life .. and how much fun can we have while doing all of this.

In comparison to the school maturity exam, this second "part" ended up quite differently from what I expected.

In spring, I started creating millions of plans about this unique summer holiday. So many places I wanted to visit, so many activities I wanted to try, so many things I want to change about myself and my life. But my fears, laziness and hesitation completely changed my original plans. At the end, my bank account was the one who was crying the most, because all of these unsure last-minute plans ended up not being very cheap.

However I still don't feel like I failed in this exam.

I have no idea where am I gonna be in ten years. I have no idea what job I will do, where and with who will I live. What do I actually want to "achieve" in life. And honestly, I really tried to find out. I tried so hard. I was thinking, writing and talking about it. Writing down all of my goals, visions, plans, comparing all the pros and cons, looking for the best ways to do things ... And while I was  sitting in my dark room, hiding from the sun and the real world, I realized - that it's all bullshit.

Maybe we don't have to plan every step in our life. Sometimes it's better to just forget about everything and go a little wild. Even if it won't be the best choice. Just simply try it.

Step out of your comfort zone. From the stereotype. From your life roles, your masks. From the virtual world.

And just step into the unknown.

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