Sunday, January 6, 2019

5 Plastic Resolutions for 2019

After watching the "Plastic Ocean" documentary, I started feeling pretty depressed. Ocean has always been my source of calmness and inspiration. Seeing the giant pieces of plastic on the ocean floor, starving fish with stomachs filled with plastic straws and bags and the piles of plastic garbage on once beautiful beaches, which will stay there for thousands of years ... made me think more about the ways I can join the "fight" against destroying our planet. And son I included few ecologial goals on my new years resolutions as well :)

Even if it's a beautiful idea, nothing can change overnight. Turning your home into a zero-waste, plastic-free space in one day is nearly impossible. The first step is to think more about what you surround yourself with and whenever you go shopping, think before you put something into your shopping cart (and if you could do something a bit different this time)

A single person can't change anything - and that's why I don't want to just follow this list of goals myself but I also want to share all the information and ideas for improving this situation with other people :)

Always bring your own shopping bag  

If I plan going to the supermarket in advance, I always take enought cotton bags and reusable veggie bags with me, so I don't need not even one plastic bag. But sometimes when you go back from school or work, you need to buy something and you don't have anywhere to put it. And even though we all know that plastic pacages are not the best, we often prioritize our own comfort. While you throw away the plastic bag after you come back home and your moral dilemma ends, the bag can "stay with us" for decades and it can end up in the stomachs of the marine animals on the other part of the world. Before leaving house, always bring at least one reusable shopping bag with you (I use bags by Ecozz or my own designed cotton bags) and avoid taking the plastic bags for carrying all the stuff you buy.

Avoid products packed in single-use plastic 

While most of the supermarkets in Czech Republic ban plastic bags since January 2019, most of the products found in the shops are packed in their own single-use plastic packages. So when you go to the supermarket and you don't want to bring any plastic back home, you can usually stop just in the fruit & veggies and bakery part of the shop (if you take your own reusable bags and don't use plastic bags). Lately, there has been a growing trend of package-free shops, where you can fill your own bags, jars etc. with things like nuts, seeds, flour, oats, dried fruit etc. You can also buy fresh fruit, vegetables and other stuff on farmer markets - just ask if they can use your own bags.

Eliminate single-use cups

I have to say I have a clean coincidence in terms of the plastic bags. My real sin are the single-use cups for coffee and tea. Especially since I first came to the university café and tasted their amazing Chai Latte. Since I usually rush for another class and I want to take the beverage with me, I choose the single-use cup. So one of my resolutions for this year is to always bring my own thermocup for my "coffee to go".

Do it yourself

We often buy ready to use products even if we could make them at home for less money and with much less single-use packages. Try to create your own sauces, spreads or smoothies from the ingredients you have at home. You can also try to make your own homemade cosmetic products from simple ingreidnets you can find in your kitchen. Some hairdressing saloon and cosmetic stores also offer package-free products, which you can put into your own reusable containers. 

Don't forget to bring a straw

When I see people ordering milkshakes with two straws in a single glass, I always feel a bit sad about where this unnecessary piece of plastic will end. Usually you can just ask the waiter/waitress if they can omit the straw in your drink or if they can bring you a glass. Anyway if you often order iced-coffee, lemonade with pieces of fruit or you like to use a lipstick ... Buy stainless steel, glass or bamboo straw and bring it with you whenever you go out to avoid the single-use straws.

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