Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Chamomile & Sea Buckthorn Calming Toner

One of my New Year's resolutions was to reduce all the products packed in single-use plastic. There's always a way to make a homemade alternative to (food, cosmetics etc.)  these store-bought products. For example toners, make-up removers and other skin care products are very easy to make at home - just choose the right oils and herbs and create the perfect toner for your skin type.

  • Chamomile has very soothing effect on our skin. It helps to heal wounds, acne, eczema and other skin issues. 
  • Sea buckthorn oil also sooths sensitive, irritated skin, it gives it moisture and a lot of essential nutrients. It's high in antioxidants, biotin, B vitamins. It helps to whiten old scars from acne, it helps to heal eczema, rosacea and it protects our skin from the sun.  
  • Sweet orange essential oil balances the production of oil in our skin, it slows down aging processes and helps to get rid of scars and wrinkles.  
Chamomile  & Sea buckthorn toner gently cleanses the skin, soothes irritated skin and helps its regeneration. It's suitable for people with very sensitive and dry skin. 

Where to get the ingredients & is it expensive?*

Chamomile is a herb which you can get in any health store for few bucks.
Sea buckthorn oil can be found in most health stores and even some drugstores. 50ml bottle costs from around 6$ and even if you use it regularly, the bottle will last for quite a long time. The price of essential oils is usually from 5-10$ for 10ml, but you'll always need just few drops for any purpose. I personally use essential oils in aromatherapy lamp, for baths, for homemade cosmetics etc. and even like this, I buy new oils just few times a year. When shoppin for the essential oils, always make sure they're 100% natural - you can also get essential oils which are okay to use in a aromatherapy lamp but they shouldn't be used on skin!

Making your cosmetic products at home is definitely much more economical than buying all the ready-to-use products - and it's not even good for you bank account, but also for your skin and for the planet :) If you're still not sure if you should invest in these "unusual" ingredients, don't worry - next time I'll show you cosmetic recipes with simple ingredients which you probably already have in the kitchen.

*the average prices in Czech Republic

Calming Skin Toner

2 tsp chamomile
1 tsp sea buckthorn oil
4 drops sweet orange essential oil

How to:
  • Pour water over 2 tsp of chamomile, cover the pot with lid and wait until the water starts to boil
  • Then lower down the heat and let it under the lid for 20 more minutes. 
  • Let the chamomile tea cool down (don't remove the lid - you don't want all the healing essences run away)
  • Finally strain the tea, put it into a bottle and add the oils. 
  • Shake before every use. 
  • The toner can last for about 1 week if stored in a fridge. If you know you'll not be able to use the whole bottle, you can add few drops od Cosgard conservant which will help the toner to last longer.

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