Sunday, January 6, 2019

Chapter number 12

I'm lying with my notebook in my IKEA apartment, alternately, I glide through the photo board and the wiping map of the world hanging next to the wall. Christmas is coming in few days and I still can't believe that 2018 is over.

Our high school prom preparation, the collective creation of the perfect Gatsby decoration over the pan-makan dish in a newly opened Indian restaurant. Training the dance choreography and the midnight surpsrise performance in the freezing school gym ... That's how it all began.

Few week later, I celebrated my last teen birthday and I started thinking about the goals I used to want to achieve before 20. And I suddenly realized that everything will probably look a bit different from what I wrote few years ago while watching the 16 wishes movie.

Then (finally) the last months of the high school came and paradoxically I couldn't wait for the final leaving exam. I started hating the days spent at school more and more. I was sure I'd learn much more if I could study alone at home with a big cup of green tea and colourful powerpoint presentations scattered over the bed. Well, that's what my days looked like few months later.

A perfect mental-restart in the form of Ostrava Yoga & Dance festival and Tomáš Klus's concert. 

"Maturita* - formalita" (Maturity = just a formality)
Well, it was probably true what people say. Still, I had been scared until the last moment before the exam. Maybe because of the fact that I'm pretty bad at improvisation and I knew that I wouldn't be able to speak about something I don't know well.

*Maturita = the name of Czech secondary school leaving exam

Vacation? Volunteering? Yoga training? Solo travel? Surf camp? ... Suddenly I had so much time and so many ideas about what I could do this summer. But - as always - I made way too many plans to be able to realize them. So the first real plan for the holiday was to stop. No studying. No work. No thinking. And that's exactly what I exprienced during the vacation with my grandma in Martinsicuro - while lying under the parasol on the beach with a book in my hand and a coconut water in the other, while dancing with my granny during the "senior dancing evening" at the town square, while writting the last poems of my book during the sunrise on the beach ...

In the beginning of the summer, I also started designing my bags which I'd like to start selling soon. At the end, most of the bags got one special word written on them: Ananda - a sanskrti word with a beautiful meaning: 

The condition of utter bliss.

And that's exactly what I experienced during most of the time this summer. Even if some things weren't ideal all the time. Even if the weather wasn't good, even if my money was disappearing from my bank account or even if I went to an argue with someone. The feeling stayed until the end of our family vacation on Sardinia ...

... during my first solo trip to Italy and Slovenia

... during my slovenian lake tour with my parents and Teddy

... during my second vacation on Palm riviera with my best friend

... and then the fall came. Another dose of changes, packing and unpacking, moving from one place to another. New city. New apartment. New school. New people. New me.

My first university lessons of indonesian language, history, geography, tourism ... and endless calligraphy lessons. "We're just going to go to pain once a week. It will be fun". No, it wasn't. Everyone - don't believe me when I say something like this anymore. You're gonna suffer.

A moment after moving into my apartment, I packed my luggage again - for a trip to Malta. My first solo trip by train, ovecroming my fear of airports and 5 completely perfect days which were absolutely not enough to enjoy all the wonderful places of these 3 islands.

... and for the last time this year, iat the end of November, my pink luggage and I went to Milano.

And so I'm sitting here, watching the lights on my tiny christmas tree, with a indonesian vocabulary book next to me, I'm drinking too sweet herbal tea, I'm trying to study for the last exam of this year and I still don't understand where did the year go. But what I'm sure about is that every single moment of this year was totally worth it.

To be continued next year ...

How was your 2018? :) 

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