Sunday, January 6, 2019

Slovenian Water Tour

Me and my family have been to almost all parts of South and Southeast Europe. The one country we had always overlooked, was Slovenia. And after this summer I have to say that it was a big mistake. Slovenia has a lot of offer - from mountain climbing and visiting karst caves to fantasy-like mountain rivers and lakes, which sounded like the best option in the hot summer.

Bled lake
Bled lake is one of the most famous lakes in Slovenia and it's most often visited by tourists. It's located near to the railway and it's easily accessible. I'm sure it can be a beautiful place during the low-season, but in summer, the atmosphere of the beautiful lake and it's surroundings is spoiled by the huge amount of tourists.

Jasna lake
On the other hand, lake Jasna was one of the most beautiful places we visited in Slovenia. It's located in the tourist center Kranjska Gora, around 40 km from Bled. The lake has beautiful clear and totally freezing water so while swimming there, you can't almost feel your limbs. The lake is surrounded by Triglav mountains and not far from the lake, you can also find the center of Kranjska Gora with a lot of restaurants, souveni shops etc. - Note: Finding a restaurant with vegetarian food wasn't easy. Most of them offer especially slovenian specialities like seafood and sausages. Well, cheese & vegetables pizza is always an option

Soča river
Another amazing experience which you shouldn't miss in Slovenia, it the mountain river called Soča. Its water is super cold but it doesn't stop people from from spending the hot summer days at its shore. There are couple of camps very close to the river but it's necessary to book in advance, because in the high season, many tourists are coming here.

To get to the other bank of the river, you can walk through the water (and risk getting frostbite) or you can use an old wooden bride. After we saw one little kid hanging from the bridge and being saved by two guys, we decided for the first option - even with our brave four-legged family member.

Bohinj lake
Around 30km from Bled, you can find the town Bohinj and the lake of the same name. Have you seen those instagram photos of lakes with so incredibly blue water that you don't know if you should admire the magic of nature or photoshop skills of the author? Bohinj lake showed me that there are places which don't need any photo effects at all - because the photos can't even capture the atmosphere of this magical place. Exepct being completely fascinated by the lake and its surroundings, you can also rent paddleboards here and - of course - cool down while swimming in the lake during a hot summer day.

Bonus: Lago Del Predil
The last day of our vacation, we went back to the Italy border - to the Predil Lake. The photos which we saw before coming there were a bit different from the reality - because of the dry hot summer, the huge area of the lake shrinked to a big puddle. Still, the place is definitely worth a visit.

Have you ever been to Slovenia? Which places would you like to come back to? :)

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